Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas? It was just a blur.

The 23rd of December, mother nature decided to gift us with a white Christmas. 
Picture perfect snow-capped trees. 
Christmas Eve is when my family gets together.
Since it's one of the few days each year I actually have my house clean I figured I would snap a few pictures before the party.
This is the view of my kitchen and dining area from the balcony.
This is the living room side of the house. 

The calm before the storm....literally.
Even the dog was basking in the quiet.
Then....the family arrived.
It's all just a blur from here.
My brother, yea, he thinks he's funny,
my mom, dad and sister-in-law.
Impatient child.
Surly child. 
Scoping out the buffet.
The "smile for the camera moment".
Yea right. 
Then came the stupid face contest.
Who's had one (or maybe two) too many?
Raise your hand.
I said raise your hand, not your elbow.
Now, is that how you should behave on Christmas?
The "we're going to be rich and not share with Aunt Kim" moment.
Mom and I have a tradition of taking each other's pictures at our get togethers.
Unfortunately they all turn out like this.
Not sure why.
She's either suspicious of my questionable photography techniques or she just ate a really sour grape?
They think we're all nuts.
Finally some happy children.

I don't think I have one picture of this child without something in her mouth.
Obviously jealous of all of the kids new stuff.
My sister-in-law always looks like she's up to something.
I bet she draws a mustache on my brother while he's sleeping.
Ha! I like her. 
I can't believe she slept through all the ruckus.
The day after Christmas was back to business as usual.
Heck, two days after Christmas we're back to winter as usual. 
Was your holiday just a blur?



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