Monday, October 22, 2012

Drive-by Photography

How often are you riding in the passenger seat and the perfect picture goes flying by because the person driving just doesn't have an eye for photography (yea, we'll go with that reason).

Me: That would make a really nice picture.
My husband: Huh? What?
Me: The brake is that other pedal, you know, to the left of the one your lead foot is on.

 Me: Just look at that sunset.
My husband (as we go speeding towards a 4 way stop: What sunset?

My husband is the worst offender here. He will actually speed up when he sees that I'm trying to take a picture of something. He'll say, "Oh, did you want to take a picture of that".  Yea, he does that.

And heaven forbid if there's anything worth taking a picture of out the driver's side of the car. That's right, don't even look out there. Just stare straight ahead.

I've taken so many blurry, not so perfect, something is just not quite right, pictures over the years because I was using my camera while riding with a Nascar wannabe.

If he's not driving, this is what he's doing while I'm taking pictures. Just sitting and waiting (with his Ford Racing hat on).

Believe it or not, this actually was a pretty cool looking old barn but the dash, review mirror, window stickers, and power lines took center stage here.
Me: No that's ok, I didn't want to stop to get a better shot of that barn.

How many times, while you are driving, do you see a sight that is just begging to be photographed and you either don't have time to stop or you are in a place where it's just not safe to pull over?

For me, that's every time I get behind the wheel.
I just hold up the camera and start pressing the shutter without even glancing over to see what's still in the window. Sometimes I get lucky and actually catch what I was aiming for.

The following pictures I took just the other day while following my husband who was driving the tractor and bulldozer. So, although I was driving while taking pictures, we were crawling at about 15mph. 

 You see, this outfit doesn't move too fast at all.

Some cows watching us crawl by.

Then I passed him and went on my way.
Freedom on the open road once again.
Honestly, that's what it's like when you finally get to pass something that's driving that slow.

Delta Lake is really low this year. You normally don't see that strip of land in the center at all.

I love the way this tree just hangs off the bank.

This morning on my way to Utica, it was just so drab until I got to this clump of yellow trees.

I took this one a few winters ago. I was trying to get a picture of the deer that was standing in the middle of my driveway.
What, you don't see any deer?
I don't see a deer here either so don't bother getting your eyes checked.
It was there when I picked the camera up.
It was there when I turned the camera on. the time it took the shutter to go off, the deer disappeared leaving me with a rather boring shot of my dash and some trees.
So do you drive-by photograph too?

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