Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Few More Pictures of our Adirondack Mini Vacation

I mentioned in my previous post that we went on a mini Adirondack vacation (we left on a Monday morning and was home by Tuesday afternoon...because that's how we roll).

Well...I tend to get a bit camera happy when I'm out and about. I took over 200 pictures and some of them I really like too much not to share. And...because I didn't want to try to squeeze all of them into one post, I thought I would dedicate this post to a few of those pictures that didn't make it into the first post.

Big old bell and iron work from the Kings Garden at Fort Ticonderoga.

 It's sometimes hard to remember while walking through the woods to look up. You never know what's up there unless you look. I called this the anaconda tree.

 Bridge over Hudson River complete with some specks from the dirty windshield.

 Pretty little buggy hiding in the trees.


 Fountain on Rt 9 taken while waiting for construction at the intersection.

 I promised Bob I wouldn't tell his friends that I caught him looking through Peter Pan's Peephole. Since it's very unlikely that any of his friends read my blog, I thought this information would be safe here.
Very steep bank covered in moss. This seemed like it was straight up.

 Another wooden foot bridge through the woods at Natural Stone Bridge and Caves. I love these things.

More flowers in the Kings Garden

I sat here in the trees watching the water for a little while. It was so peaceful here.

 Sneaking up on the enemy (at least I think that's the enemy).

This corn was over 6 feet tall. 

Just a nice place for kids to sit in the gardens.

I like this little alcove.

Stood here wondering if I was going to get a bucket of wash water (or worse) dumped on me.

Pretty town park.
Another view of Fort Ticonderoga from the top of Mount Defiance.
I just had to get in a few more pictures of the cannons just because I like them.



  1. Kim,
    Enjoying all your photos of your mini vacation! I remember being "enlisted" while visiting Ft Ticonderoga.
    When does autumn peak up there?
    Your Friend,

    1. The colors were at about full peak last weekend around here. We've had a few good rains and some nights that were about down to freezing since. I believe the color won't last too much longer.


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