Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Christmas Side of Newport Market Place

Many of the vendors at Newport Market Place have items for sale that will help you liven up your home and/or office for the holidays.

These are a few of the Christmas-y items I've made and have for sale there.

A cast iron griddle that I turned into a chalkboard. Not necessarily a Christmas ornament but with a bright red bow it looks rather merry.

 A decorative red sled. There are little shelves on the back side for nick-knacks if you prefer.

A basket for making popcorn over an open fire turned into a holiday potpourri basket. I have scented pinecones in it.


Something new I discovered this year is German Glass Glitter. It's not your ordinary glitter that clings to everything and you are still picking specks of it off your forehead 2 weeks after you last handled it. This is actual ground up glass. It looks like sugar and really sparkles in the light.

I have glittered icicles.

Glittered pinecones.

And even a pair of glittered wine glasses.

I also have a collection of holiday cookbooks, candy dishes, cookie jars, and other  decorative holiday items available.
Hope you get a chance to stop over to Newport Market Place to shop around. You would be amazed at what you find there.

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