Saturday, August 25, 2012

Taking a Metal Basket from Candle Watt to Solar Power

I love to start projects then...well...I love to think about finishing them...someday.

Someday is here, FINALLY!

Of course, I started with an easy project just to get my momentum going.

I started with this neat metal candle holder/centerpiece/basket thing.

The price tag said $5 but it was the last day of this sale
and I guess the owner didn't want to pack it up so I got it for only $1.
Gotta love it.

I spray painted it with Rust-Olem Satin that I had left over from something I painted years ago.

I bought 4 of these cheap-o solar lights at 97cents each 
(it really bothers me that there is no symbol for cents on my laptop
...anyone know a short cut for that???), removed the tube from the bottom,
and used E-6000 glue to secure them in the candle holders.

A candle holder turned solar light.
Perfect centerpiece for a picnic table.


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