Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Day at Bouckville Antique Show


Yep that's what I am right now.

Feeling just about as deflated as this old fox.

From 9:30 this morning to 1:30 this afternoon,
I was walking,
 and convincing a 7 year old boy
that he didn't have to have every single truck, plane, train, boat, and car that he found
(and believe me, there were a lot of them to be found).

He's a little disappointed because he doesn't have enough for the $100 and $200 cars.

The Bouckville Antique Show is an annual event (this year marks the 41st annual show).
It has grown significantly over the years and now is quite an event to participate in.
In my humble opinion, it's not possible to visit every booth in just one day
(maybe that's why it runs for a whole week). 

There is absolutely something for everyone.

Files and shutters and chairs...oh my!

A one person teeter-totter or bouncy horse

Look at all the legs on that table.

Love the green distressed paint on this one.

Lots of beautiful glassware.

Galvanized metal filing drawers.

A simple old park bench.

Lots of old furniture and stained glass.

More colorful glassware.

Love these chairs.

This coat rack is decorated with jean pockets. Nice idea!

More nice looking chairs.

Love the colors. Looks like sidewalk chalk.

With lots of funky junk attached.

Couldn't believe it when I saw the price tag on this. $900. It's only about 5" long.

And this too!
$160 for just a little teapot. I have a whole set of this that was my grandmothers.

Some funky fan junk.

There were 2 jail cell doors.
Hmmm. Wyatt, what did you do now?

Back to looking at something with wheels again.
It has a current registration sticker, a current inspection sticker,
and a very pricey for sale sticker....over $14,000.
No. You can't have it Wyatt.

What do you get when you combine old doors, street lights, wrought iron fence and a cast iron tub?
I don't know either. I was just wondering if you knew.

If this were my bathroom, I would choose to fence off the scale instead of the tub.

Organized chaos.

$5 for a piece of beaded fruit?

Giant glass jars.

Giant old cupboard.
This 6' tall item is only $50 more than that little motorcycle.

All this and we didn't even cover 1/4 of the show.

Thanks for sticking around.

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