Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Place for Jewelry

I decided one day that I needed a new place to keep my jewelry. I previously had it all in a small storage box with dividers (sorry, forgot to take pictures of the box). It's not like it was a big mess or anything but I have several pieces that are really pretty and I wanted to be able to see them without having to dig through a box. I also figured I might wear some of the pieces a little more if I could actually see them and be inspired to wear them.

I've looked at display cases sold in local department stores but was not at all impressed by the selection or prices. I wanted a casual display that reflected a little more of my decorating style... pinecones and twine. Seriously casual.

I started with a cork board that's been kicking around my house for quite some time, some green ribbon, pinecones (picked 'em off the tree myself), twine, Color Traditions acrylic craft paint in green #21445 Foilage and brown #21585 Bark, and some burlap cross stitch material (with I didn't not end up using as it didn't quite fit where I wanted it to).

I painted the 'pretend' wooden frame with the green paint.

I used hot glue to tack down the green ribbon and twine around the inside border of the frame.

And I glued a small pinecone to each corner.

I decided my tacks were just not going to fit in with the color scheme so....

I dipped them in the brown paint.

It was about this time my husband walked in, took one look at what I was doing, turned around, and walked back out. Nothing say's "special white coat" like drowning tacks in paint.


My only problem now is that by the time I hang up all my necklaces, there's not enough room left for the bracelets, earrings, and rings.

If you look closely at the bottom right of the picture, you can see a small tulip shape votive holder worked great for my rings.

And at the sorta' bottom left of the picture you can see a small photo of my girls taken about 21 years ago. I need a new frame. Cherrubs and pinecones don't really mix.

I decided this pretty crackle glass vase was just right for my heavy turquoise bracelet and my wire hook earrings.

And...I went outside, broke a branch off one of the trees in my yard, stuck it in a light yellow (hard to tell it's yellow in this picture) vase, filled the bottom half with sand and the top half with little polished pebbles and hung my bracelets on the little branches.

Now all my favorite pieces of jewelry are easy to find and add a touch of finished look to my bedroom (which, by the way, has nowhere near a finished look...much like the rest of my house).
No more digging through the box.

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  1. Okay, Kim...you need to keep on blogging! (I started when blogging was still 'new' and it takes everyone awhile.) It's like playing the piano--the more you practice, the better you get and the easier it becomes! (of course, I want you to blog for selfish reasons, as well. I need to know what's going on in the Finger Lakes/Southern Tier.) Keeping up with Dr. Frank's winery is a full-time job!


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