Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pinecones worth framing

I found these mirrors at a garage sale. Only 25 cents!!
I say "Oh, the possibilities". My husband says "What are you going to do with those?".

Anyway, the forest green paint was splotchy and scratched and there was paint all along the edge of the mirror. And...they were a bit sticky. Not sure why but...Ewww!
And... did I mention they were only 25 cents!!

So, I dismantled them and set aside the 2 mirrors and the large hanging brackets. I'll figure out something else to use them for another day.

I gave them a few coats of Color Traditions Premium Acrylic craft paint in #21585 Bark (because that's what I had on hand in the color I wanted to use).

I used my hot glue gun to attach a small strip of ribbon and a twine bow to the top of the pine cone (I pick up random things like pine cones, acorns, shells, feathers and rocks every chance I get. You never know when they will come in handy).

I used hot glue to attach the ribbon to the corner of the frame and I attached smaller hangers (they came with 2 larger heavy duty hangers. Not sure why because they didn't weigh much at all).

And WaaLaa!

Much better than those crappy little mirrors. Don'tcha think?

And, so easy too.

Total cost of the project (including frames, paint, brackets, ribbon, twine, glue, pine cones) about 35 cents. 
Gotta love it!

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  1. These are too cute! I get the same response from my husband...but he is usually impressed when all is said and done. Nice to meet you. I'm a new follower, and I would love if you stopped by, Lori

  2. Thank you for the comment. It's nice to meet you too. I wasn't even sure I linked it correctly. It was my first ever link to another post. I'm still trying to figure this out.
    Thanks again.


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